Every one wants a nice high quality 3D sign, but sometimes the price makes this restrictive. At Kingsign we are the first company in Europe to offer a low cost alternative.

The largest cost in getting a high quality sign for your business can be the labour associated with installing them, well now if you have access to a drill and a measuring tape you can save yourself this part of the expense. You can order your letters and we will ship them to you with step by step instructions of how to install them and don’t worry it isn’t that hard.

We are offering four different products you can order your letters in , each has different advantages and also pricing, please click on one of the pictures below for further pricing options. These are not all the types we offer but the only one we can offer directly through our on line shop. Should you have a different requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to answer any queries.

Vinyl Letters

A self adhesive cut lettering sticker that is available in a wide range of colours, this goes on flat ( not a 3D letter) and is very easy to apply, can be used as main fascia signs, window lettering, vehicle signs, temporary signage. Also available in reverse cut (so you can apply on the inside of glass and is readable from outside).

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Acrylic Letters

A product that has been used in the sign industry for many years and again as it comes pre-coloured it saves on the spray painting cost, available in 5mm thickness with colour through the full thickness of the product so small scratches will not ever be noticed.

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PVC Letters

This product is the most common used in the sign industry today, it is available in different thicknesses, 5mm, 10mm & 19mm , usually the larger the letter, then also the thicker it should be. PVC is totally weather proof and ideal for out door as well as indoor, we cut and spray your letters in a 2 pack spray paint (same as used on cars) this will give a long durable life.

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Aluminium Composite Letters

This product is 3mm made from a high density core with a thin skin of aluminum, the advantage of this product is again it is totally weather proof and ideal for indoor or outdoor, but because it comes pre-coloured this keeps the price down as we do not have to spray paint.

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To order your D.I.Y.sign you will need to know a few things first:
1. What is the overall sign of the area I have to fit the sign , height and width. Keep in mind you may not want to order your sign to fill this area completely but have a space all around the letters, allow for this.
2. Which product will be best for my needs,i.e. Usually, larger letters should be made from thicker material?
3. What Font you require (letter style, i.e Times new roman, Courier, Helvetica etc.)?
4. What colour you want your sign to be?